MicroFiltration partners with manufacturers of filters and associated equipment that operate advanced quality systems and control. We draw from our experience and engineering knowhow to advise and ensure the right filters at lowest overall operating cost can be regularly and reliably 
​supplied to our customers. 


Through our extensive experience and network within the fluid process industries, we are able to serve our customers with:

One of the fastest growing consulting and filter distributing organizations, MicroFiltration draws from a global network of industry professionals to assist our clients with optimal filtration technologies and lowest 
​cost of ownership...​


  • Filtration system cost reduction.
  • Problem solving and troubleshooting filter applications.
  • Sourcing and supply logistics management.
  • Filtration studies and consulting validation support.
  • Process and application development of new or 
    ​existing systems.

Diatomaceous Earth, Endotoxin reduction, Down-stream process, Dust collectors, Economic improvement, Electronics process fluids, Fermentation, Filter validation help, Filtration, Flavors and Fragrances, Food and Dairy, Fraction filtering, Gamma stable filters, Gamma sterilized, Gas sterilization, Gels, General purpose, Haze removal, HEPA High Purity, Hollow Fiber, Hospital tap filters, Humidification aseptic, Injectables, Ink Filtration, Instrument filters, Integrity testing, Laboratory,Liquid


These are some of the applications we serve. Please CONTACT  US for more information.

Absolute filtration, Acids, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API's, Aseptic humidification, Autoclave filtration, Bacteria reduction, Bacteria removal, Bases, Beta ratio, Beverage filters, Bioburden reduction, Biopharmaceuticals, Bioreactor feed, Bioreactor vent, Blood products, Buffers

Cell reduction, Ceramic, Chemical filters, Chlorine reduction, Citrus, Clarification, Coalescing, Colloids, Cosmetics, Depth Filters,

Applications Served

31 July 2013

ZenPure added as first vendor

Quick Updates

26 August 2013

“On behalf of the team at n-psi we really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this business" Todd Allison. 

23 August 2013

New coalescing filters

Filters, Instruments, and associated equipment.